Sicorax® Transport

Better manage your fleet of vehicles

SICORAX ® Transport ensures optimum use of all vehicles on the estate.

The automatic billing to the field department using a tractor or any other vehicle ensures that the vehicle does not remain idle in the field for a long period of time.
The software enables different billing types (hours, tons, etc...) using different billing rates for the same vehicle during crop and inter-crop season

With SICORAX ® Transport, you can better follow the efficiency of your vehicles in fields.

With SICORAX ® Transport, you can better manage the utilisation of your fleet of vehicles.

The system allows you to:

  • Automatically generate transactions for vehicles attached to a specific departments (cars, motorcycles ...)
  • Easily auto-generate transactions for vehicles doing the same job for several days
  • Attach trailers to tractors for minimum user input
  • Carry out different tasks per vehicle (transport of cane, manure spreading, harvest ...)
  • Record work done for external clients
  • Automatically bill other departments
  • Generate automatic transfer of transactions for external clients to SICORAX ® Gestion Commerciale for invoicing
  • Define different billing rates as per vehicle category and unit of measure (hours, kilometres, tons ...)
  • Analyse transactions by vehicle, task, client; with facility to send the data to Excel for further analysis