Sicorax® Garage

Want to check a vehicle record ? Everything is there immediately

SICORAX ® Garage helps managing daily workshop activities while maintaining accurate vehicles service records.

The system allows you to define your own job status and assign different colours to them to easily visualise follow-up of work done on each vehicle.

All vehicles history (servicing, repairs, spare parts used, fuel consumption, etc...) are immediately available from the vehicles master file.

With SICORAX ® Garage, you can also follow the efficiency of your employees easily.

With SICORAX ® Garage, you can easily follow the efficiency of your vehicles as well as your employees working in the garage.

The system allows you to:

  • Group vehicles by category (cars, tractors, trailers ...)
  • Define your own data per vehicle category
  • Define unlimited number of tasks with grouping facility (mechanical, electrical, metal work, painting ...)
  • Define job cards for each vehicle being serviced
  • Define different job status for work follow-up on each vehicle/job card
  • Carry out work on vehicles belonging to other departments or external clients
  • Automatically compute normal and overtime hours for work done on each job
  • Follow effective/idle hours of each employee
  • Access at any time the history data on any vehicle serviced
  • Automatically bill other departments for work done on their vehicles as per type of work done
  • Generate automatic transfer of transactions for external clients to SICORAX ® Gestion Commerciale for invoicing
  • Analyse work done by vehicle, employee, task, client, date; with facility to send the data to Excel for further analysis