Sicorax® Employee Payroll

Complex Payroll system made easy

SICORAX® Employee Payroll helps you streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration.

The system that supports both monthly and fortnightly payroll has been designed to handle the complexity of the sugar industry in an easy and user-friendly way.

Statistics for sugar bodies (Mauritius Sugar Producers Association, Cane Growers Association) and government institutions (Mauritius Revenue Authority, National Pensions Fund) are fully integrated in the system.
Moreover, SICORAX® Employee Payroll has been continuously upgraded to cater for the diversification of the sugar industry as well as all changes in labour laws.
With SICORAX® Employee Payroll, you are sure that your employees are paid on time, every time.
SICORAX® Employee Payroll facilitates your work from the daily transactions until the final payroll processing.
Several input options such as job cards, fixed transactions, bundle slip, etc ... are available for minimum user input.
Basic, attendance, assiduité/ancienneté, présence annuelle and productivity bonuses are automatically calculated based on predefined parameters

More and more companies in the agricultural sector (both sugar and non-sugar companies) use our SICORAX® Employee Payroll for their payroll processing.

Sicorax Employee Payroll has been developed in conformity with the Mauritius Sugar Producers Association (MSPA) regulations and the Sugar Industry Remuneration Orders.

The system allows you to:

  • Compute both monthly and fortnightly payroll
  • Parameter monthly, fortnightly, crop and inter-crop periods through a simple calendar
  • Process sugar (agricultural and non-agricultural) as well as non-sugar (diversification) employees
  • Keep an audit trail for every change in employee basic data and conditions
  • Record recurrent transactions only once
  • Record holiday transactions via a single click
  • Record transactions for work done outside the estate (external clients)
  • Easily calculate extra hours using different hourly rates
  • Manage advance to employees and loans
  • Simulate payroll before performing final update
  • Safely generate bank payments for your employees (via floppy disk or internet banking)
  • Generate PAYE, NPS and EWF files for electronic payments
  • Automatically compute different types of bonuses (basic, attendance, assiduity/seniority, productivity ...)
  • Automatically generate salary increase (remuneration order or protocole d’accord)
  • Generate automatic transfer of payments and deductions to SICORAX® Accounting and SICORAX® Expenses/Revenues
  • Generate automatic transfer of transactions for external clients to SICORAX® Gestion Commerciale for invoicing