Sicorax® Manufacturing Expertise

Professionalize your industrial engineers, your line managers, your supervisors, your machinists, etc...

You face problems in organising your shop floor ? Do you have SMV problems, or working methods ? Your production sites are not efficient enough ?

It’s right time to consider to professionalize your line managers, train your Industrial Engineers, and to improve the skills of your shop floor workers.

Uniconsults offers training modules specifically adapted to your needs, thus allowing you to improve significantly your production method and processes, and to increase productivity by reducing cost due to poor organisation, overtimes, etc.

Our training courses are offered by professionals which consist of a theoretical module and a practical module realised in your factory, based on real case study.

With our training modules, your collaborators will progress very fast and for real tangible results.

Our dedicated trainings in the Textile - Clothing industry consist mainly of the following modules:

Training for Work Study Engineers

  • Work organisation procedures
  • Time study (Stopwatch, MTM2)
  • Workplace station
  • Industrialization
  • Calculate workload, line balancing
  • Work flow analysis and optimization the production flow
  • Production planning and launching
  • Define, install and maintain optimised work methods
  • Etc.

Production Management and Control  Training

  • Organisation and supervision of production lines
  • Workload calculation, line balancing
  • Productivity measurement and its improvement
  • Production management
  • Master production constraints and non productivity areas
  • Team management
  • Etc.

Training for Machinists

  • Initiating sewing techniques
  • Master industrial sewing machine
  • Standard operations
  • Introducing principles of motion economy
  • Training on different types of sewing machines
  • Orientation to productivity
  • Training on basic operations in the factory
  • Etc.