Web Spec®

Textile technical drawings at your fingertips

You need not be a specialist in fine arts in order to create and realize automatically a large variety of garment parts and models, Web Spec®, a vector type CAD, (Computer Aided Design), makes it possible for anybody to draw technical sketches for garments manufacture.

Designed on the Autosketch ® software, product of Autodesk®, good reference in precise drawings software, and specifically geared for the textile industries, Web Spec® provides a set of features deriving from a market leader product well respected by professionals of CAD.

Web Spec® is a ideal tool in the elaboration of technical sketches from drawings database arranged by product types, for garments professionals.

Do you face non-conformity problems when comparing your samples with what has been produced on the shop floor?
Web Spec® brings you simple, fast and effective solution in the realisation of clear and explicit technical sketches.
The Worldwide exclusiveness of this software is found in its DDB (Drawings Databases),which is a library of pre-established drawings of garment parts, that can be combined and fully compatible with Web Spec®.
Web Spec® represents more than 3 000 garment parts updated according to styles changes.
Being totally open, the drawings database can be enhanced, and easily adapted to specific collections of the factory.
Equipped with toolboxes, icons and dedicated macros, facilitating the selection of different forms and symbols, the 20 BDD are structured in 3 principal product families: men, ladies and kids.
In each of these families, all the different parts can match across each other, enhancing the design of styles.
Also available in each Drawing Database, a library of sewing cross-section as well as workstation sketches.

Web Spec® puts at your finger tips the garment technical drawings!

GRAPHE-G ® software is a reference tool designed for the realisation of drawings and technical sketches for daily use in the textile industry.

The main features of the Web Spec® software and its DDB (Drawings Database) allow you to :

  • Create your technical drawings, quality datasheets, workstation sketches, etc.
  • Categorize the drawings database (DDB) into: ladies, men and kids
  • Handle and modify the sketches in a precise, rapid and simple manner.
  • Enhance the drawings database, built up with detailed product parts.
  • Rapidly create your sketches without having to start it from scratch.
  • Show measurement details and points of measure .
  • Work out one sketch on different plans (sewing details plan, quality key areas plan, packaging details plan, etc)
  • Validate the conformity of the styles with your Clients .
  • Keep records of your Company’s know-how with the collection databases.