Estelle Web Costing®

You wish to professionalize your Work and Methods Study Team, improve your SAM and productivity?

Your SMVs are not reliable ? Your work methods and times are being argued by the operators who are not achieving their production targets ? Your Clients are unsatisfied with your SMVs and production costs ? Your operations breakdown are not accurate?

Whether you are a specialist or not in work measurement, Estelle Web Costing® integrates itself today as a reference tool to overcome the issue in calculating the production costs, to create SMVs based on a world standard, to elaborate optimized work methods, as well as reliable operations breakdown.

Genuine and helpful tool in the production organization and for marketing decision, Estelle Web Costing, innovative, easy and user friendly software, is the privileged partner for the textile professionals.

Estelle Web Costing is the reference tool that will help you to professionalize your Work Study team and to elaborate reliable and unquestionable work methods, SMV and operations breakdown.

The advanced features of Estelle Web Costing®, allow you to:

  • Standardize the work methods
  • Define key quality areas
  • Create optimized work methods, and to coach the operators towards achieving the SMV.
  • Carry out simulation and for comparing results (for example : change of materials, change of style, modify an operation, and change of equipment)
  • Take these decisions in a fast and prompt manner
  • Be easily in phase with the technical and financial requirements of the Client

The Estelle Web Costing® software allows you to perfectly master your return on costs, the work methods, SMV and operations breakdown.

Estelle Web Costing® comprises of the following features:

  • Secured access to the program.
  • Rapid, reliable and homogeneous work measurements .
  • Elaborate clear and accurate work methods.
  • Create operation breakdown by adding up different parts.
  • Fast calculation of the cost of a model.
  • Simulation of technical and economical methods.
  • Time estimation and simulation of work methods.
  • Calculation of SMV based on MTM2 standard table.
  • Simulate the impact of production choices, on the manufacturing time and/or the profitability of a model.
  • Keeping record of the know how of the Company by means of a standard database.
  • Export link of operations breakdown to the SEAM-Production Management & Control production software.