Sicorax® SEAM - Production Management & Control

Since non-productivity sources should not be identified after the events, SEAM – Production Management & control allows you to closely monitor your production output, and at the same time your daily targets are made more achievable.

SEAM - Production Management & Control, specifically developed for the clothing and textile industries, allows you to monitor on an hourly basis the production progress, as well as the operators, sections and sites efficiency. Furthermore you can have a clear picture of the progress and cost of your production orders.

Basically geared towards communication, SEAM is the required tool to identify non productive areas in your organisation and to react promptly which will result in efficiency gains.

With SEAM – Production Management & Control, you can serenely master your production tool !

SEAM – Production Management & Control represents a major innovation in the way of managing your production lines, by integrating the concept of management by constraints.

The advanced features of SEAM – Production Management & Control, allow you to:

  • Hourly control your production output.
  • Spot on time the production constraints (Bottleneck, input shortage, etc.)
  • Analyse the order progress.
  • Analyse the efficiency of the operators.
  • Compare the sites and sections performances.
  • Identify the nature and the importance of your idle times.
  • List the performances and the polyvalence of your operators.
  • Communicate to and with nearly all databases.

The production management software – SEAM, allows you to have a clear visibility of your production tool, for a fast improvement of the productivity of your workshop, and a prompt reactivity on the clients orders.

SEAM – Production Management & Control consists of the following functionalities:

  • Secured access to the program.
  • Elaboration of operations breakdown, or import the operations breakdown directly from the PRI SYSTEME software.
  • Generation of Production Orders and Mattresses.
  • Generation of bundles at cutting section.
  • Generation and printing of production tickets.
  • Laser scanner for production tickets.
  • Management of employees attendances, or the import of attendance minutes from other time and attendance devices (in SEAM format).
  • Import data from mover system ex. ETON (through Soft Pro software)
  • Processing and diffusing of production data.
  • Follow-up of operators efficiency as well as site efficiency.
  • Export of operators’ production output for the calculation of production bonuses.

  • From my point of view, SEAM is seamless (fluid) due to the compatibility of integrating to other computerized systems. The transfer of data towards SEAM – order details, mattresses (cut fabrics) and the employees attendance – are made by the transfer of information from one computer to another. Furthermore, the process of production figures towards the central system, for salary earnings, is also made fluid.
    Tropic Knits Ltd

    M. Serge Uranie
  • I am very satisfied to follow closely the production. SEAM allows us to know the efficiency of each operator, to evaluate the production, and to amend the line balancing based on the production output.
    Palmar Group Ltd

    Mme. Joyce Nelson