Sicorax® HRMS (Payroll, HR, SESS...)

The Cloud solution that will revolutionize Human Resources Management in your Company

Because Human Resources Management goes beyond the simple administration of People and Payroll, it’s of capital importance to have in hand an efficient tool, capable of handling these new requirements.
SICORAX® HRMS (Human Resources Management System) comprises of the following modules: Payroll, Presence and Time Management, HR Management, Employee & Manager Self Service. Cost of Employee, Talent Management, Career Management, Remuneration Barometer by Capfor, e-recruitment by CarrerHub, Performance Management System, 360° Feedback.

With SICORAX® HRMS you’ll reduce time for pre-payroll tasks and People management by up to 80%

Whether your payroll or HR Management is simple or complex, with 5 or 5,000 Employees, SICORAX® HRMS meets all your needs with your Employees’ data centralized, instantly accessible, real manageable HR Dashboards, and a real-time Social Audit.

On the Cloud or installed at your premises, SICORAX® HRMS is regularly updated to be up to standard with legal changes. SICORAX® HRMS, it’s also more than 20 years of experience and 1,000 Companies in different sectors such as, Insurances, Banks, Hotels, BPOs, Commercial Companies, Textile and Agricultural industries...

With SICORAX® HRMS, you have an overall picture of your Human Resources Management for a controlled steering of your activity!

Designed on the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle, with simplified menus and procedures, its customizable Homepage  with indicators, customizable online help, the SICORAX® HRMS software is a web application, simple to use and powerful in the payroll processing and the overall HR Management process.

The main features are :

Employees :

  • New recruit checklist
  • Induction / on Boarding
  • Probation period follow-up
  • Employee exit interview
  • Dedicated procedures : New employees, Departures, Employees’ Transfer

Payroll :

  • Flexible payroll calendar by Company
  • Payroll in foreign currency, on multiple bank accounts for one Employee
  • Upload of attendance data from some specific clocking machines
  • Computation of overtime, transport, lateness, meal allowances, presence bonuses
  • Leaves Management
  • Loans, advance on salary
  • Interim Payroll
  • Payments and deductions import from third party systems
  • Easy checks of actual payroll with previous month’s payroll
  • Payroll approval process by email
  • Realtime payroll calculation
  • Payslip by email (coming soon)
  • PAYE, NPS, EWF ... (MNS) file extract
  • EOY automatic calculation, as well as leaves refund and Government increase
  • Report generator
  • Data export to Excel for advanced analysis
  • Payroll closure by Company
  • Inbuilt Payroll Statistics module

Time and Attendance Management – Clocker 

  • Planning template with overtime, meal allowances, transport rules,...
  • Roster by Employee, by Team,...
  • Automatic calculation of overtime, meal allowances and transport,...
  • Overtime control, approved, rejected
  • Excel reports...

HR Management :

  • Work contracts, amenities, warnings, injuries, leaves, job description, dependants, exit interviews, work experience, trainings, documents, licenses...
  • Secure access to Employee documents only through HRMS
  • Cost of Employee
  • Budget
  • Talent Management - 9 Grid Box
  • Carrer Management: Carrer plan, Competencies, Training needs list, Development needs list, Career Skills & Values
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Renumeration Barometer by Capfor
  • E-recruitment by CAREERHUB
  • Mobile Apps: Leaves request and approval, overtime, etc (coming soon)

Employee & Manager Self Service : Staff and Managers' portal

  • Update of his masterfile data by the Employee, any change of information is validated by the Responsible or HR Team
  • Leaves, refunds, overtime, transport, meal allowances, requested by the Employee
  • Approval or rejection of leaves, refund, overtime, transport, meal allowances, by the Manager
  • Double approval of leaves (coming soon)
  • Functional organigram
  • Events management (to obtain participants list, in which discipline, who require transport,...)
  • Each Employee has access to his payslip
  • Employees on probation, on leaves, late,...
  • News: documents published by the HR department, Birthdays, New Recruits,...