Sicorax® Gestion Commerciale

Is it still a headache to do your costing, VAT or TDS ?

Whatever your business activity, Sicorax® Gestion Commerciale controls the entire Purchasing and Sales cycle of your company. From quotations to client orders, deliveries and invoicing of your products, through to purchasing  from your suppliers, Sicorax® Gestion Commerciale  manages the commercial activities of your organization as a whole and caters for VAT and TDS.

The enhanced features of SICORAX® Gestion Commerciale, allow an effective yet simple management of Point of Sales, Job Costing  and batch management.

With SICORAX® Gestion Commerciale, you save time and your team is happy !

Sicorax® Gestion Commerciale
is the only solution in Mauritius which automatically distribute import charges amongst your products .

Your business figures : purchases, quotations, sales, stock... are instantly accessible through real-time management dashboards. With the dashboards Key Performance Indicators , you monitor your activity and optimize your operational management.

With Sicorax® Gestion Commerciale, make the choice of a feature-rich and user-friendly software that contributes to the development of your company!

SICORAX® Gestion Commerciale, user friendly software, offers you the most complete and evolving solution for business management.

The main functionalities of this multi-company and multi-currency software are:

  • Multi-level Item codification with components management
  • Multi-Store, store transfers
  • Real time stock control, stock take, stock replenishments
  • Stock valorization (Weighted Average Cost)
  • Stock adjustments - value and/or quantity
  • Local purchases
  • Foreign Purchases, with allocation of import charges (insurance and freight based on value / volume, customs duty based on duty %...) and follow-up on expected arrival date
  • Transfer of purchase orders to goods receipts
  • Partial goods receipts
  • Sales of products and services
  • Quotation/Pro forma Invoice, delivery note, invoice, credit note
  • Management of VAT & TDS
  • Stock reservations
  • One click transfer from quotation or reservation to an invoice
  • Fixed selling price, price list by client, pricing based on markup percentage
  • Stock Issues on jobs with job costing report
  • “Point of Sales” Management
  • “Batch” Management
  • Job costing budget v/s realized
  • Sales employees management
  • Management of clients / debtors, suppliers / creditors
  • Statements of Account, Invoices due
  • Partial / total payment of multiple invoices
  • Historic reports over years, months, given period, for a day ; by item, client, supplier, sales employee, client type, job, etc...
  • Dashboards
  • Link with SICORAX Accounting
  • History of data
  • Data export (xls, ...)

  • We have chosen SICORAX® Gestional Commerciale & Sicorax® Accounting for its effectiveness and especially for the professionalism and the know-how of the Uniconsults team!
    L André Némorin Ltd

    Eric Némorin
  • We really appreciate the good job and the support of the Uniconsults team !
    Elytis Ltd

    Imteaz Buckus
  • Sicorax® Gestion Commerciale & Sicorax® Accounting really eases the way I manage my enterprise!
    Arkolac Ltd

    Jean-Mark Ip