Sicorax® Incident & Complaint Management

Manage efficiently and supervise your customer complaints!

A customer who makes complaints is a client who still wants to work with you, a customer who seldom makes complaints is a satisfied customer, and a customer who does not make complaints is a lost client !

In an environment which is becoming more competitive, improving the management of clients’ claims, is becoming a strategic need.

Your customers contact you, by mail, phone, you must answer to their complaints and ensure the monitoring of their requests. You must trigger internal actions necessary to keep your customers satisfied, in a quality approach manner?

With Sicorax® Incident & Complaint Management, you transform your customers claims into commercial opportunity, you quickly identify your failures, and turn an unsatisfied customer, to a satisfied customer, who will continue to work with you.

Nowadays, organisations must multiply their efforts into optimising Customers’ Relations. Primarily, it is about widening contact opportunities, personalising the relationships, favoring cross selling, as well as, other essential commercialization steps.

However, the unhappy client, the one who asks questions or demands to have an after-sales service, is as important as a new prospect or a « silent » customer.

Sicorax ® Incident & Complaint Management is a tool for managing claims, costs follow-up, as well as, a measure of quality.

The first goal of the Incident & Complaint management Solution is to restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained

The in-depth analysis and dashboards of Sicorax® Incident & Complaint Management, instantaneously, give a clear picture of the products or services which are lagging behind. It also allows your collaborators to rapidly switch from a situation of « cost centre » to that of a profitable service… all by improving the satisfaction of your clients in a short time.

With Sicorax ® Incident & Complaint Management, you rapidly improve your reaction time, the quality of your products or services, as well as, the level of satisfaction and fidelity of your clients.

Used by all organisations willing to have a close follow-up of their clients’ claims and improving the quality of their services, SICORAX® Incident & Complaint Management is an essential tool for maintaining client satisfaction.

With SICORAX® Incident & Complaint Management, you :

  • Streamline client’s claims resolution process.
  • Improve claims’ resolution rate, starting right from the client’s first call.
  • Automise the processes, via an intelligent routing of the demands to concerned personnel.
  • Follow the steps for solving customer’s issue, step by step, department by department, etc.
  • Manage up to 3 levels of closure for a complaint (for ISO compliance).
  • Receive automatic email triggers for incidents which have not been resolved in the expected delay.
  • Define popup alerts, setup by user for important notifications, such as, unattended complaints, overdue complaints, etc...
  • Access real-time audit log on all changes.
  • Create and share a knowledge database for a rapid resolution of clients’ demands.
  • Analyse your claims by proposed solution or compensation proposed to customers.
  • Evaluate the performance of your teams in the way the clients’ issues are being solved.
  • Anticipate the future issues by following the number of claims on the faulty products and/or services.
  • Measure the number of incidents by clients, products, services, departments, etc...
  • Evaluate the incidents costs, by products, services, departments, etc...
  • Visualise customers’ claims evolution, over months, years, products, services, departments, etc...
  • Compare the time taken on claims for each step or by each department. Analyse the different stages and outcomes of a complaint, through various reports and a dashboard.