Sicorax® Fixed Assets Register

Stop using spreadsheets, Sicorax® Fixed Assets Register is THE solution.

  • Gives complete information on asset status, history and location.
  • Allows documents such as Invoices, purchase orders, images,... to be linked to your Asset.
  • Provides transaction types ; disposals, sales, splits, revaluations and devaluations.
  • Facilitates inventories of your Assets with the Barcode reader.
  • Eases depreciation forecast.

Sicorax® Fixed Assets Register, allows you to easily manage your fixed assets, from calculation of depreciation cost through to asset inventory.

All historic transactions in the lifetime of an asset are available at a single click.

You have a summary or detailed visibility of your assets at any time and you can, with precision, follow up the evolutions.

By choosing Sicorax® Fixed Assets Register, you meet the expectations of your auditors who want a specialized and secured software to manage your assets.

Used by small, medium and large enterprises, SICORAX® Fixed Assets Register, easy to learn and use, provides you with improved administrative and financial productivity.

The main features of this multi-company, multi-user and multi-lingual software, will allow you to: 

  • Manage an unlimited number of assets and sub assets.
  • Will allow you to link documents, such as Invoices, purchase orders, images to your Assets.
  • Easily register your assets: capture the purchase value, the type and depreciation duration, to instantly obtain the monthly and annual depreciation plan.
  • Choose the depreciation method (straight-line, reducing...).
  • Group the assets by categories, departments and locations.
  • Process asset related transactions such as, sales, scraps, revaluation, devaluation, WIP...
  • Have a future outlook of the assets: easily visualize the value of your assets as at specified date.
  • Generate depreciation reports by category, department and location.
  • Print all assets: the ′leaseholds′ or the ′freeholds′.
  • Keep a complete history of the asset: purchase (name of the supplier and supplier invoice number), sales (name of the buyer, sales amount and profit or loss incurred.)
  • Save and easily access historic data for endless number of years.
  • Secure your asset management; once the data has been updated, only reversal transactions can modify these.
  • Furthermore, all transactions are registered in an audit log.
  • Scan, print bar codes, and perform your assets inventories with the barcode reader.