Sicorax® Accounting

Boost your productivity with Sicorax® Accounting

  • Management automatically your TDS & VAT.
  • Close monitoring of your debtors follow up.
  • Generate and export financial reports.
  • Currency Revaluation for debtors, creditors and for bank account.
  • Automatic bank reconciliation for MCB, SBM, SBI & Barclays Bank.
  • Dashboard for a complete view of your company financial situation.

Whether your data is simple or complex, even if your enterprise is small, medium or large, Sicorax® Accounting will help you in your accounts management : from the capture of transactions to the generation of the Profit and Loss statement, through the follow-up of your liquidity.

You will benefit from a simple and robust software for a personalised management of your accounting figures, and the key performance indicators will allow you to have a clear and precise vision of your enterprise, enabling you to take good financial decisions, at the right time.

With Sicorax® Accounting, you will have a precise view of your financial situation and this will allow you to make strategic decisions for your business !

Sicorax® Accounting, simple to master and to use, offers you an efficient tool to manage your accounting.

The main features of this multi-company and multi-currency software are:

  • User defined Chart of Account (allowing up to 3 levels breakdown for analysis).
  • Transactions entry through journal or new simplified entry input screens.
  • Secured accounting data; once processed, no transactions can be changed, unless a reversal entry is done.
  • Management and printing of clients' invoices.
  • Management of debtors/creditors, with credit terms and printing of statement of accounts in local or foreign currency.
  • Pop-ups for debtors follow-up.
  • Creditors payment & MICR cheque printing with Remittance Advice.
  • Uploading of exchange rates for multi-currency transactions.
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation for MCB, Barclays and SBM Bank accounts.
  • Currency revaluation for debtors, creditors and bank accounts.
  • Creation of single or multiple budgets.
  • Generation of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet statements.
  • VAT & TDS Returns.
  • Report generator with ability to customise your own reports & charts in Microsoft® Excel.
  • Dashboards for a complete view of your Company’s financial situation.
  • Data export (xls, ...)
  • Easy access to historical data over unlimited financial periods.
  • Import data from SICORAX® Gestion Commerciale, Payroll and Fixed Assets Register.