Sicorax® Performance Management System

Develop your employees with Sicorax Performance Management System

Consider a computerised system which :

  • develop the potential of your employees.
  • saves your time.
  • allows you to circulate a more professional image of your appraisal / PMS to directors, managers and employees.
  • enables your employees to do their appraisal on-line, both employees and managers will enjoy doing appraisals with Sicorax® PMS.
  • tracks employee progression.
  • is used by small, medium and large organisations.
  • is affordable.
  • allows options such as employee survey and 360° Feedback

Our Web solution Sicorax® PMS:

The Sicorax® PMS / 360° Feedback web solution, eliminates the manual administrative processes in your company and shares the responsibility of the performance management amongst management and collaborators.

Our solution is accessible in a secured environment, via the net, saving you, investment costs in servers and software, and at the same time, offering you a simple, effective , easy to implement solution… at a minimum cost.

Sicorax® PMS, a user friendly solution for your employees’ appraisals.

The strong points of Sicorax® PMS:

  • A user-friendly web application, making performance management a confidential, transparent, and secured process.
  • PMS Options - Objectives, Competences / Values, Individual Development Plan (IDP) Training, IDP future, Employee feedback. Only the chosen options are displayed. 360° Feedback and Employee Survey are optional options.
  • The employee performs his « self appraisal » (Employee score), the manager evaluates employee (Supervisor score), which is followed by the face to face meeting (Final score).
  • The employee and the manager input notes during the year for a better objectives and competences follow-up.
  • Flexible scaling with either points or percentage results.
  • Weightage option.
  • Traceability of employee’s appraisal, with comparison to previous evaluation figures.
  • Manager’s dashboard for performance follow-up of teams, departments or posts.
  • Employee dashboard for follow-up of his growth path and the benchmark of his performances compared to that of the department, company…
  • Flexible and up to date range of evaluation questionnaires (MBO, KPI, etc.)
  • Follow-up of the different evaluation stages.
  • Intermediate evaluations.
  • Data export to Excel, for personalised analysis.