Sicorax® Expenses / Revenues

Follow all your expenses and revenues to the smallest detail...

SICORAX ® Expenses / Revenues allows multi-dimensional analysis of all expenses and revenues by:

  • Physical entities (vehicles, buildings, fields, etc...)
  • Departments and sub-departments
  • Family / Group / Sub-Group of expense and revenue codes
  • Categories (Agricultural, Non-Agricultural, Staff, Diversification, etc...)
  • Affectation Types (Basic, Extras, Benefits, Reliefs, Supplies, Services, Job Contractors...)


With SICORAX ® Expenses / Revenues you can make comparisons with previous year’s and budgeted figures.

With SICORAX ® Expenses / Revenues, all expenses and revenues data of the company are stored in a central database for in-depth analysis. The package has been developed in conformity with the standards established by the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture.

The system allows you to:

  • Define and analyse you expenditure / revenue using several levels: department, sub-department, group item, item
  • Record budget figures per expense / revenue
  • Automatically retrieve data from all other SICORAX® modules at end of month
  • Analyse your expenses / revenues by source module (Purchasing, Stock, Payroll ...)
  • Analyse your expenses / revenues by affectation type (Salary, Supplies, Services ...)
  • Analyse your expenses / revenues by category (Agricultural, Non-Agricultural ...)
  • Analyse your expenses / revenues compared to previous year figures or budgeted figures
  • Send all data to Excel for further analysis