Sicorax® Field Management

Increase your productivity with lower overheads!

SICORAX ® Field Management allows you to manage your sugar cane fields efficiently, thus increasing productivity with lower overheads.

All activities performed in fields (land preparation, planting, weeding, etc.) are recorded in the system. These data are accessible just a click away.

During harvest season, tonnage transactions as well as Control Board laboratory tests results can be easily integrated in the system.

A multitude of yield, extraction and sugar reports can be viewed on a single screen with comparison by cane variety, category, etc…

SICORAX ® Field Management gives the feeling of actual field / site visit to the management.

With SICORAX ® Field Management, you can easily track all works done in sugar cane fields as well as follow harvest during crop season.

The system allows you to:

  • Record basic information for sugar cane fields: variety, date planted, category, irrigation type, harvest type, loading type, soil type, surface area ...
  • Import tonnage transactions and Control Board tests from SICORAX ® Weighbridge or other weighbridge systems (the transactions can also be inputted manually)
  • Record closed fields with the cut surface area
  • Easily transfer tonnage from one field to another or from one bloc of fields to another
  • Record all activities performed in fields (land preparation, fertilisation, planting, weeding, ...)
  • Plan field cut sequence
  • Generate and analyse “livre de culture” and crop bulletin (weekly, fortnightly ...)
  • Analyse closed fields on a weekly basis
  • Compare yield, extraction and sugar produced
  • Analyse canes by variety, category, ...
  • Generate M.S.I.R.I reports
  • Design your own reports